Facebook Community Growth Report: 3 Million Reach in May 2017

In May, Wevolver reached over 4.5 million people via social media.

At Wevolver, we’re always investigating how we can get more people involved in hardware development. One of our biggest channels for this is social media, which has shown to be a great way to get in touch with engineers and developers all over the world.

Last Month, we put a lot of focus on our Facebook community and gained 6,400 new followers. Facebook is a great place to direct our community to relevant content on other channels.

Growth of Facebook followers in May
Dashboard snippet of the Facebook outreach

We also learned a lot about the type of content we need to push out to get people excited about hardware development. These efforts resulted in having our highest media outreach ever, a whopping 4.6 million people via our social media channels.

Some posts really blew up like the post shown below, reaching over 1.7 million people, receiving massive engagement from making people smile to even a few angry responses.

For the next Month, we’ll still keep focusing on growing our Facebook channel and experimenting with content, audiences, and posting times, with the goal of reaching 25.000 followers at the end of June.