Launching New Blogs: A Fresh Look at Wevolver’s Outreach

How we're using our channels to grow the community

Last Month, we took a good look at the channels we now have to support and how we can leverage those the best to reach as many early adopters as possible.
We uncovered a lot of information about our existing channels, which include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Newsletter

We discovered that each channel has small nuances in the expectations of the audience it serves. Only by approaching those nuances with a strategic goal in mind could we nurture those audiences in the most effective way possible.

One of our biggest channels is Instagram (+225.000 Followers, reach of 1.5 Million people per month), which hosts a huge community of engineers and tech-orientated people (82% male, 18% female, aged mainly between 18 and 35). We use Instagram to inform and inspire this audience (via “TechSnippets” in Instagram Story and 1-minute “Tech Demo” videos) by keeping them up to date on the latest technology and hardware development news. For Wevolver, this is a great way to maintain contact with our potential userbase. It’s also an excellent way to build an audience interested in open design and technology development – an audience segment that project creators are highly interested in reaching.

The TechSnippets we publish on Instagram get an average of 15.000 views

One of our other big channels is Facebook (reach of 3.2 Million people per Month). On Facebook, we nurture a more focused community of hardware developers and engineers and provide them with more detailed and field-specific content. It’s our way to serve the community in-depth information and research and link that to the website or post related to it.

New Header used for the Facebook page


We also chose to revamp our Youtube account. Last year, we mostly ignored YouTube but after rethinking its function we realised it could deliver value to the community as a full-length library of all the content we share on Instagram, where it’s only possible to share up to 1-minute video clips. We’ve reshaped our Youtube account into a vast library of content focused on hardware development.

New Youtube page where we present hardware developments

Hardware News

The idea of creating a library to inspire, inform, and educated also made us think how we could share other content relevant to our users. Up until now, we had mainly been sharing short news snippets because of content length limitations on channels like Instagram. As a result, we started a separate blog called Hardware News. Hardware News provides overviews of the latest hardware development news, research, and tools (with links to the original articles). It’s a great way to provide our community with the latest news on hardware development from around the world.

Blog where we post the most recent hardware development news

Community Blog

In addition to this, we wanted to create a separate blog to share updates from the people, projects, and companies active on the Wevolver platform itself. A Community News platform was also launched this week to share activities and updates directly from the community.

We believe that by creating these unique channels we are able to build a unique and powerful community of forward-thinking hardware developers, engineers, and researchers. After we successfully inspire, inform, or educate visitors we believe they’ll become active users and contribute to the platform by starting their own projects or by contributing to an existing project.