Evolving Wevolver

This week we started rolling out the first iteration of Wevolver that allows decentralized and iterative development, which enables faster and better hardware development, for both open source communities and private teams.

We do so by building a so called “version control” system underneath the current platform. This way you can work on the same content in parallel and compare & merge changes later so that each change in a project is stored safely and is reversible at any time.

Since we want to offer users the best experience as possible, we’ve decided to first start testing the system with a select group of BETA users. This way we can make sure we’re developing the best user experience and are able to support you, and your team with the best possible platform for collaborating on hardware.

Most of the changes are under the hood. A big part of the user interface will feel familiar, yet new features are added to support the versioning functionality.

For the next Months, we’re focussing heavily on research and development. Working closely with our BETA users we’ll learn, iterate and develop our software in order to build the best platform that enables engineers to collaborate effectively.

We’re super excited to be on this journey with our users and would love to have you join the development process. If you’d like to be involved in the BETA testing phase, please sign up here.

For more information on the technology we’re developing check out our feature page.