Building the perfect tool to develop hardware technology

What are we doing?
For the last few months, we’ve been working on developing a version control system to expand the current Wevolver functionality. By developing iterations in parallel, supported by a version control system, you’ll be able to work effectively with your team and will be able to focus on engineering great technology. This update enables a complete history of project changes to be securely stored on a ‘Git-based’ version control system, meaning earlier revisions can be compared and restored if necessary so that your work is never lost.
What’s more, everyone in your team or community will be able to create a copy of the project on their local computer and iterate on the project independently of the central repository.

Who can join?
At the moment we’re looking for hardware engineers that are active in teams. If you’re interested in joining the BETA community, sign up and we’ll provide you with access to Wevolver’s expanded version control system that will enable you to collaborate more effectively with your team during the hardware development process (you can even choose to do so privately, or publicly).

If you’d like to sign up please visit our signup page. We can’t wait to start working with you!
Below you’ll find an overview of the core features we’re currently working on.



A Central Repository
Wevolver’s web-platform provides a central repository for your project, accessible by either a private team or open community.

The repository contains all the project’s files and documentation.

You can add or remove content, and edit your Bill Of Materials and assembly guides straight through the web-platform.




Tailored for Hardware

Online you can view and edit your project’s Bill Of Materials and step-by-step assembly guides.

There are previews for engineering files such as 3D models.





Local working copies
Everyone in your team or community can create a copy of the project on their local computer, and independently of the central repository iterate on the project



Version Control

A history of every change, whether made online or locally, is stored securely on a ‘Git based’ version control system.

Earlier revisions can be compared and restored if necessary, so that content never gets lost.

At any time changes to any file can be identified, compared, and merged across different versions and between different collaborators.

Everyone has access to the concurrent version and the work progress.



You can work in private with your own team, or leverage the power of our global community of hardware developers





Private Projects
You can create private projects to collaborate with people you invite. No one outside of your team can access your work.







Public Projects
Files and knowledge of public projects are accessible to anyone for viewing and downloading: learn engineering skills and enjoy making these projects yourself.

You can iterate upon public projects in your own copy, and so develop new technology to solve problems or start ventures without having to start from scratch.

Create your own public projects, get collaborations.






Follow and stay updated
Receive notifications about the activities of projects and users you want to follow.








‘Talks’ enable you to discuss content and changes in projects.

Wevolver’s activity feed provides you overview in all that happens in your projects.

Notification updates ensure you don’t miss any relevant information.





If the system we’re currently developing excites you, sign up to become a BETA user and join the community of Wevolver BETA testers and get early access to the platform.