Beta update #1: First 25 hardware developers started testing

Last week we’ve been working hard to onboard our first 25 beta users and enable them to use the first release of the new Wevolver software that enables teams to follow an iterative and decentralized workflow, supported by a secure version control system.

With this current Beta:

  • You’ll have a central instance of your project on that contains all content and each revision you made.
  • Each team member can have an up to date copy of the whole project on his/her computer, inc. its complete revision history.
  • Changes made locally by team members can instantly be synchronized.
  • Each revision you make is stored, including a message that allows you to describe the changes made. You can review and revert any change.
  • You can work in parallel branches to test out ideas independent of the main development track.

Next to this we also released the Wevolver desktop app that you use to synchronize┬álocal files with the central repository. It also enables you to see the history of the project’s content.

Wevolver desktop app

Features on our roadmap include:

  • Reviewing revisions in web app.
  • Branching functionality in the web app.
  • User Interface updates.
  • Visual diffs to compare changes between revisions.

If you want to read more about the beta check out our previous blogpost.