Launch of Wevolver 2!

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to equip Wevolver with a powerful version control system.
Wevolver 2 will provide hardware developers a faster and more effective workflow when they are collaborating on projects.

Explore The New Version Control System & Discover Projects :
With Wevolver 2 your whole team will always have access to the latest version of your project’s files and its complete revision history.  We also developed a lightweight desktop client that enables each team member to synchronize changes to their local computer instantly.
Furthermore, you can safely test out new ideas without messing up the main development track, as the new system enables you to develop in parallel branches.
To summarize:

  • Always up to date and instantly sync changes.
  • Review and revert any revision in the project’s history, at any time.
  • Develop in parallel branches.

We think Wevolver 2 can help both private teams and open communities develop more effectively and focus on engineering great projects.

Wevolver Desktop enables you to quickly clone remote projects to your local computer and instantly synchronize project changes between collaborators.

Are You Currently Developing Hardware?
Registering for a new Wevolver account is currently in closed Beta, but we are excited to already release Wevolver 2 for all our existing users.

If you’d like to test the new platform you can do that with your current account:

  1. Log in on
  2. Go to your account.
  3. Start a Wevolver 2 project.

If you’re not yet registered, you can request access right here.
There have also already been shared a few projects on Wevolver 2 that you can explore.