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exiii hackberry 3d printed arm
Wevolver.com is a platform that enables engineers to collaborate more effectively on hardware development projects in the fields of robotics, healthcare, cleantech. etc.
Next to our software, we also built a community (+300.000) that mainly consists of professional hardware developers and engineering students.
On a daily basis, we provide them with useful and inspiring content. Topics we cover are digital manufacturing, robotics, hardware startup insights, and learnings.
We do that via social media and our blogs. Hardware News provides news around everything related to hardware development, and Community News shows everything our community is up to.
We’re looking for someone that can write hardware development related articles, research the projects and people in Wevolver’s open community and write about their work, and help scout content (videos) to share on our social media channels where we reach an audience of over 4.5 million people on a monthly basis.


In short what the tasks are:

  • Write hardware development related articles (e.g: digital manufacturing, branding, business development) (1 per week)
  • Research, interview and write articles about hardware startups ( 2 per week)
  • Research, interview and write articles about the people and projects in the Wevolver community + edit and publish this content on our blogs (1 per week)
  • Edit and publish third party content on hardware news (2/3 per week)


  • Have experience, and are passionate about writing about topics in this field
  • Can work from home (8 – 12 hrs per week)
  • Have excellent English language skills, spoken and written
  • Get paid a competitive salary
  • Background in engineering is a plus!

If you feel you want to be part of a team that’s passionate about building an exciting community of hardware developers and forward-thinking engineers, get in touch!

For more information contact us at richard@wevolver.com or via the contact page.

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