Wevolver subreddit

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen an incredible growth on our social media channels, totaling over 300.000 followers at the moment. On those channels we’ve been sharing the most incredible content from the larger hardware developing community, as well as from the Wevolver community itself.
What we’ve noticed that a lot of our followers are actively engaged with each other, discussing topics varying from things like the future of robotics, clean energy and Elon Musk.


We’ve been thinking hard how we could provide our followers with an better platform than social media to discuss these topics. Since a large part of our community are active Reddit users, we’ve decided to dip our toes in creating our own Wevolver subreddit.

We’ll use this to share hardware development, and engineering related articles, news and stories. We’ll also use it to get feedback from the Reddit community on questions or announcements from teams that have their work documented on Wevolver.

We believe the subreddit will be a place where innovative hardware developers can engage with a smart community of people that are excited about the future of technology, and want to have a say in where it’s going. A place where you gain knowledge, get inspired and can connect with like-minded people. We’re pretty excited.

Wanna get involved?
At the moment the subreddit is in a pilot phase where we’re slowly adding interesting content, and try to find the right vibe. We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback here.
We’re also looking for people active in the hardware community that want to become a mod for the Wevolver subreddit and help us build this unique sub. You can email to richard@wevolver.com for more info.