Wevolver Facebook Passes 35K Likes and 1.5 Million Organic Reach

The Wevolver community page on Facebook has been growing steadily, reaching 35,000 Likes in January 2018 with over 1.5 million organic reach for the same month.

Facebook is emerging as a promising channel for sharing videos, documentation, and blog posts. Wevolver’s organic Facebook reach hit 1,615,989 between January 12th and February 8th, 2018, resulting in 274,755 post engagements and 803,395 video videos.

Our most popular post during the period was a robotics development clip from Boston Dynamics, which attracted over 410,576 views in 18 days:

We’ve also received 61 reviews, 53 of which awarded Wevolver with a 5-star rating:

Facebook has proved to be an excellent tool for creating meaningful discussions around hardware development while showcasing exceptional work from research institutions, hardware startups, and the Wevolver community itself.

If you are developing hardware and would like to share your work with our community feel free to reach out to richard@wevovler.com.

Visit the Wevolver Facebook page and the Wevolver Instagram.