​Mechanical Engineers Invited To Test New Version Control System

Wevolver is looking to get feedback from:
  • Professional mechanical engineers who work in small teams or startups
  • Have no Git(hub) experience
  • Experience problems around revision management

Wevolver is working on a tool that helps mechanical engineers to develop better hardware. This idea came from working with our community and learning about the problems they ran into regarding revision management.

The main problem we see is retrieving the right revisions, both current, and past revisions. We also see many teams struggling with the organization of files and folders.

​To solve this problem Wevolver built a system that offers:
  • Everyone access to one clear latest revision, and better organization of your project’s files
  • Review & retrieve any past moment in time, with unlimited project-wide revision history
  • Trace back past decisions and considerations using annotated revisions

Get a demo of both the web app, and desktop client


In order to get feedback on Wevolver’s revision history management system we’ll do a 15-20 minute Skype call where we’ll demo the web app, and desktop client.

If you want to be one of the first to get a demo and see the latest version of Wevolver please send an email to: richard [at] wevolver.com 

*Every mechanical engineer that gets selected for an interview will get a 90 day free trial worth $204 that enables you to document 3 private projects.