Onboarding Research Labs

Have the research from your university seen by tens of thousands of engineers from around the world.

All around the world hundreds of incredible research labs are developing state of the art technologies which have the potential to make a huge impact. Unfortunately, a lot of projects stay hidden under the radar and never get the recognition they deserve, nor make the impact they could have when they would have been seen by a large group of people.

Wevolver is currently actively helping to improve this. Right now we are helping research labs from both universities and companies to document and share their research with our global community of engineers. Sharing this work makes it possible for researchers to make a BIG impact by enabling anyone to access their documentation and implement it in their own work, or build on top of it.

All the projects we share will be connected to the research lab where the research has been developed, making sure tens-of-thousands of excited engineers not only see the team that developed the technology, but also the lab the work has been created.


Some stats:
Wevolver has over 350.000 followers on our combined social media channels. Through those channels, we reach over 3.5 million people every month. On average, a project shared on our channels gets over 30.000 views. In the first 24 hours.

What are we looking for:
We’re looking for passionate students, teachers, and professors who want to show the world the incredible work being developed in their university and make sure that anyone can access these projects and leverage the knowledge.

If you are interested in working on this with our team and help share as much research as possible, get in touch!

Contact: richard [at] wevolver.com