Our intentions for 2019.

We build Wevolver to enable you to understand the state of the art in engineering. This helps you to develop better technology, to be more innovative and creative.

Therefore our social media feeds & platform share visuals and factual information about projects. The images and videos, descriptions, specifications, and references tell the ‘why, how, and what’ of the project’s design.

Here are two ways of how we intend to keep doing this, and how to do so better.

1: Better content, more content.
We want keep ensuring Wevolver shares the most advanced technologies, and we want to increase the quality of the visuals and information we share.

Secondly, because there are so much advancements happening, we want to increase the amount of projects that are being shared, to ensure Wevolver enables you to stay on top.

To do so we need to increase the resources we have for creating content, and increase the amount of possible projects that we can share with you.
One of the ways we are approaching these goals is to start working with partners to provide sponsored content: Enabling innovative companies to provide sponsored posts in which their work gets explained. These companies could range from small startups to global tech giants.

Big goal for 2019: More content from both universities and companies.

2: More knowledge sharing and valuable interactions within the community.
We think an active community can increase available information, and enables you to connect as well as help others.

Next to developing and improving community & communication functionality on Wevolver.com, we also approach this by improving the way engineers and organizations can profile themselves, and how impactful activity on the platform builds up a valuable profile. Lastly we want to increase the amount of engagement with the content on our media feeds as well.

New profiles for organizations and individuals enable you to show more about who you are.

Questions and feedback are welcome.
We’re curious to know how this can help you, and what more you think we can do to keep you on top of the state of the art. Reach out at richard [at] wevolver.com