Sponsored Content Partnerships

Wevolver empowers a global community with the understanding for innovation. We provide social media & a directory showing the state of the art in engineering.

Each month we reach over 9 million people with our content on our social channels & website. To ensure our users can follow and understand the state of the art in engineering, we want to invest in more & better content. Therefor, we are opening our platform up to innovative companies, big and small, to sponsor posts about their work.


What we are looking for:

  • Your technology is state of the art .
  • You share videos, images, and factual information so people can understand the technology.
  • We are not looking for advertisers, we are looking for partners in creating valuable content for a great audience. Sponsored posts are about informing the Wevolver community about the state of the art in engineering.


The community consists of highly educated people working at innovative organizations like Tesla, Amazon Robotics, NASA, and BMW. Students that are engaged in our community study at top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and ETH Zurich.

Elon Musk engaging with Wevolver’s content (January, 2019)

You can connect with this intelligent community to create brand awareness, promote & get feedback on your technology, or leverage our channels for talent acquisition.

Source: Native Analytics 2018

“Professional engineers & students want to be informed about state of the art technology”

Here’s how:

  1. Posts about your technology on our media channels.
  2. Project Page on Wevolver.com.
  3. Company Profile on Wevolver.com

1: Media campaign

Our reach ensures your technology will be viewed by many engineers and students. Engaged interactions on our posts, and long term relationships with our audience reflect the long time quality of Wevolver’s media channels. A campaign encompasses a post on each of our media channels.
We work with you to select the visuals and factual information to express your technology the best.

2: Project on Wevolver

Highly engaged users want more than the amount of information we can share in the native format of social media channels. You can provide these users extra information through a dedicated page that we create for your project on Wevolver.com. Each Project Page contains visuals, descriptive information, and specifications about your technology.

3: Company profile on Wevolver

This enables you to provide information about your company, and contact details. Your profile lists all the projects you shared through Wevolver campaigns.

If this resonates with you and feel tapping into our community and sharing valuable content with them makes sense, email us at:

partnerships (at) wevolver.com