Instagram Deactivation: +400.000 students, engineers, creators, and innovators have been cut-off.

Update 03/21/2019

Over the past days we have been in touch with the two people who reported copyright infringement.

They have been generous in willing to give us a second chance and we are grateful for that.

Early this morning we received an automated message from Instagram that our account had been restored. All our content has been restored as well.

We have learned a lesson. Though we weren’t of ill will, we have made mistakes in how we treat other’s copyrights.

Over the past days we have read deeply into copyrights to ensure we fully understand how to work with content in a way that is both legal and respectful.

We’ve also gone back into our post history on our social media channels and as much as reasonably possible deleted or changed posts were we might have failed proper attribution or use of copyrighted material.

From now on we aim to be exemplary in proper use of copyrighted material. You can help us in this: Inform us if you think we make mistakes or if we can improve in some way.

It’s a huge relief we are back online and can continue to serve you with informative and inspiring engineering content.

Many of you have reached out over the past two weeks to share your appreciation for our work. These interactions show us the value we can bring, and make us look forward to continue crafting Wevolver into an amazing place for any engineer and technology creator.

Update 03/12/2019

First of all thanks for the incredible support we have received over the past days. These are the days that we really feel the strength of the friends and community we have build.

Over the days we got clear:

  • In the 4.5 years of our existence, 1 person reported two post as infringing their rights, and 1 person recently reported another post as infringing.
  • In the first case we failed to properly credit the person.
  • In the second case the video was received from the Youtube channel of another company, which apparently was not the copyright owner. In this case we did credit the channel.

When we redistribute work from others we aim to do so within the allowed scope of ‘fair use.’ ‘Fair use’ of copyrighted work is legally allowed if meeting certain conditions such as proper attribution, and is the usage is ‘transformative, meaning the use adds something new, with a further purpose or different character. This is what we aim for with our informative, educational posts.

As creators ourselves, we support the protection of copyrights. We are now in touch with the person who filed the complained to resolve the matter.

Hoping we can soon serve you all again with great content to learn about engineering projects.


If you care about Wevolver, read on:

At Wevolver our goal is to enable engineers & students globally to discover and learn about engineering projects. In 4 years we build up an Instagram feed that brings this value to +400,000 followers, and reaches over 10M people p/m.

Many followers have been with us for years, and have shared what Wevolver means to them. For example a student who lived in a small town got interested in engineering because of Wevolver, and is now doing well earning his degree at Stanford University. Or the young engineer from India for whom our account was the number one way for him to keep pulse with global developments in technology.

Per year we create over 1400 posts that share information about engineering projects. We aim to respect people’s copyrights in doing so, however over the past year there have been 3 posts for which someone notified Instagram and accused Wevolver from infringing their rights. Thursday night Instagram deactivated our account because of this without notifying us.

I do fully understand the importance for Instagram to protect copyright owners, and I support their efforts in this. For this specific case I think we are being treated too harshly because we have had too little time to respond. More importantly too many people who deeply care about the content we share are being cut-off. It is specifically for these students, engineers, learners, and innovators that I ask your support.

If you know anyone within Instagram or their parent company Facebook who we can work with to fix this, please connect us.

Richard Hulskes, co-founder of Wevolver