Join our Crew & impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of engineers and students around the world.

Wevolver enables engineers to understand the state of the art in their field. Through our website, newsletter, and social media feeds we provide +9 million people per Month informative descriptions of engineering projects, and a community to engage with and learn from.

By providing individuals, researchers, and companies a platform where they can engage with millions of people by sharing their knowledge, we’re encouraging them to become more open, and share more of their expertise with the world. This enables anyone, anywhere to leverage that knowledge to learn from, or build on top of.

Via our website & social media channels we reach over 9 million people per Month.

Wevolver’s audience consists of professionals from startups to global companies like Airbus, and students from the likes of MIT, Stanford and Imperial College.

Elon Musk engaging with
Wevolver content on Twitter

Right now, we are looking for people who want to help us carry out this mission, and help us grow this global platform where people from all backgrounds can come together to be inspired and gain knowledge.

Already, volunteers, who we call “Crew Members”, are helping us with content scouting and documenting projects. But we need more help.

To ensure we can share multiple projects per day, grow the community, and provide even more engineers and engineering students valuable content, we need you!


Scouting Crew

You’ll help us find both commercial, and non commercial innovative projects to share on that will be documented later on by the “Onboarding Crew”
Projects can be found in research labs, university websites, and in journals. They can also be found with commercial companies like drone manufacturers, robotics startups, or autonomous vehicle companies.
You look for all the relevant content you can find, like images, video’s, and references (e.g research papers) and add those to our internal project list.

Onboarding Crew

You are responsible for documenting the projects that are found by the Scouting Crew on Projects in general consist of visuals (images, video’s) a description, specifications, and references.
Your job is document these in a clear way in order to help other engineers understand what the project is about.
We have developed a user friendly template to help you with that.

Engagement Crew

We believe that in order to bring true value into the community, communication is key. This means we encourage people to ask questions, give feedback, and share more valuable information based on the projects we share.
Your job is to ask the right questions that trigger a great discussion, and answer questions people ask on both social media and on


  • Have an engineering background
  • Are excited about our mission
  • Are willing to spend a few hours per week on Wevolver


You’re not doing this alone. We are here to help you and support you along the way. Via our Slack channel you are in direct contact with not only us, but also with the other Crew Members who are volunteering.

Furthermore we’ll check in with you via Skype and/or email to see how things are going, and also get your feedback. At Wevolver we are always learning, and if you have something to say, or feel we can improve things, we are all ears!


– You have a direct voice in the direction of Wevolver
– Your work impacts hundreds of thousands of engineers around the world
– We’re adding you to the Crew Page
– Name added in the project as Scouting Crew or Onboarding Crew
– Direct access to the Wevolver team via Slack, email, or Skype/phone.

If this is something that you would like to get involved in, drop us an email at
We’re looking forward to welcome you to the team!