The University of Michigan joins Wevolver to start disseminating their research.

The University of Michigan joined the Wevolver platform in order to share their research. The university is amongst the greatest academic institutions in the world. Following up on MIT’s partnership with Wevolver, the university will be sharing both topical articles about their work as well as detailed design descriptions about the technologies developed in their labs. 

Dan Newman from the University of Michigan Robotics Institute, who has been leading the collaboration process says: “Wevolver is giving us a brand new channel where we can disseminate the incredible research that’s being done here at Michigan Robotics. This enables anyone to learn from the technologies that have been developed and be inspired to create new innovations.”

The goal of Wevolver’s knowledge platform & community is to keep engineers up with cutting-edge research. On the platform, researchers, organizations, and individuals share articles and project descriptions of technologies in the field of robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, and aerospace. Engineers access this information during the concept and development phase of technologies and build on top of the shared knowledge. 

“Getting these forward thinking universities active on the Wevolver platform, sharing their research is extremely exciting. It enables a highly intelligent community of engineers to discover and learn about these new technologies and implement the research into their own work” says Richard Hulskes, one of the founders of the platform. 

More researchers and organizations are realizing that in order for their research to make a bigger impact, they need to reach beyond the borders of the academic world. 

A big fraction of current research is still being published only in obscure outlets read by very few people. Wevolver enables stakeholders to publish their academic work, whitepapers, or insights in the form of articles and project descriptions, enabling them to tap into a community which now reaches more than 6 million highly educated engineers around the world every Month.

Other universities have been joining Wevolver as well, like MIT. You can read more about that in our previous post.

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