MIT and Wevolver announce the Technology Pioneers Podcast

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Wevolver have joined forces to create a dedicated podcast focusing on the most forward thinking technology developers at MIT. Host Per Sjöborg interviews the community at MIT about their research and technologies in engineering and the physical sciences. 

“With this podcast, we’re opening up a channel to share the incredible technological knowledge that’s being created here at MIT with thousands of other engineers around the world,” says Rachel Gordon, co-producer from MIT CSAIL who has been leading the collaboration. “This will not only create new and exciting opportunities for our researchers, but provide insight and access to many in an accessible platform.” 

The new podcast is the second show published by Wevolver. In the first show, “Robots in Depth“, host Per Sjöborg traveled the world to interview leading experts in robotics, from top entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders to researchers, political policy makers, and domain experts. You can find the first 35 episodes here.

Wevolver is a platform and community providing engineers with informative content to help inspire and innovate. Wevolver reaches millions of engineers with articles, videos, podcasts, and engaging conversations on state of the art technology. 

The information on Wevolver’s platform is created by a community of engineers, Wevolver’s network of academic researchers, and our editorial staff. Companies can sponsor informative content on the platform. Wevolver forms part of a larger movement of open knowledge sharing that’s transforming the way people share and access information.

For this work Wevolver received the SXSW Innovation Award, the Accenture Innovation Award, and the Top Most Innovative Web Platforms by Fast Company, together with IBM Watson and Facebook.

Increasingly, researchers and academic institutions are realizing that in order for their work to make a bigger impact, they need to reach beyond the borders of the academic world. 

A large fraction of current research is still being published only in academic outlets read by very few people. Wevolver enables stakeholders to publish their academic work in the form of articles and project descriptions, enabling them to connect with an audience of millions of highly educated engineers around the world. 

As researchers and academic institutions realize they need to expand their reach, the same goes for companies. In order to be noticed by the younger generation of professional engineers, companies are seeing that the days of banner ads are over. Instead, they need to create content that’s valuable, authentic, and engaging. Wevolver works with companies to distribute their content and work together closely together to create it.

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