Wevolver: Next Steps

“Wevolver is a platform & community providing engineers informative content with the goal to help them innovate.”

We believe humans need innovation to survive and thrive. Developing relevant technologies and creating the best possible solutions require an understanding of the current cutting edge. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

We provide engineers with information about state of the art technology and engaging conversations that enable them to stay up to date, and find knowledge during engineering & design. 

We’ve been able to provide this knowledge because we help individual innovators, researchers, scientists, and universities to disseminate their knowledge in the form of project descriptions and articles. 

Some of the greatest academic institutions in the world like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Michigan chose Wevolver to share their research.

Dan Newman from the Robotics Institute

“Wevolver is giving us a brand new channel where we can disseminate the incredible research that’s being done here at Michigan Robotics. This enables anyone to learn from the technologies that have been developed and be inspired to create new innovations.” Dan Newman

Because of these partnerships and collaborations, we have been able to grow a global community that reaches more than 6 million people every month in every corner of the planet.

Where are we now?

Wevolver is at a great point in time. The community is thriving and we have a beautiful mix of professional engineers and engineering students accessing Wevolver on a daily basis.

Among the professionals the majority has a role in engineering; beyond the most represented roles such as Mechanical Engineer, Electrical engineer, and Software engineer, there is a whole range of disciplines; Chief Innovation Officer, Founders and CEOs of technology companies, Head of Design, Chief Technology Officer, etc.

Wevolvers community members work at some of the most innovating organisations in the industries. Some examples are Tesla, NASA, Honeywell Aerospace, GE, Alphabet, Intel, and BMW.

There is also a significant amount with a pure leadership role, many of which who have been trained as an engineer, and almost 10% works as a researcher. 

To learn more about the community check out our most recent
report: “2019 Engineering State Of Mind Report

We’ve set up exciting partnerships with companies like event organizer Hardware Massive, and more universities are requesting to get access to the platform.

The website Wevolver.com is at a stage where we can provide our audience a great user experience, enabling them to browse categories, tags, and do extensive search queries in order to discover new, state of art technologies.

Our social media following is growing rapidly and reaches almost 500.000 followers on all combined channels, enabling us to distribute the content shared on Wevolver.com with a huge audience. 

A highly engaged audience on Wevolver

Where are we going?

Our vision is to be the best platform that enables engineers to innovate. We believe this will benefit the individual engineer, the organization they work for, and humanity as a whole. 

To become the best platform we see these three important steps to take:

1: Enable researchers, scientists, and innovators to share their knowledge
2: Enable universities and research centers to share their research
3: Enable companies to share their knowledge

Step 1 and 2

Writers with different disciplines are sharing articles on Wevolver.com, and this group of contributors is growing steadily. Next to that, over 25 universities are now disseminating research on a daily basis, growing the body of knowledge on the platform. 

MIT amongst one of the many universities sharing their research

Step 3: Companies

We founded the company in 2012 and have always been passionate about sharing open knowledge. Wevolver originally grew out of a platform dedicated to sharing open-source hardware (Wikipedia).
From day one, we worked hard to encourage companies to be more open and share the knowledge they would create and distribute that on our platform. In 2012, this was hard.
Most companies were not very open yet and did not see the benefits. The larger part of technology which was shared publicly would come from individual technology developers. 

A new audience, a new approach

This is changing fast. Both large organizations, as well as SME’s, are learning that in order to connect with in particular a young audience of professional engineers and engineering students they need to change their approach. The days of banner ads are over. A new generation of young innovators is demanding a new approach to marketing.

43% of all internet users are blocking ad-blocking
Furthermore: younger, educated people, are even more likely to block ads.
Only 4% of people believe the advertising industry behaves with integrity.

People now expect content to be: 

1: Valuable

Content that is interesting, informative, and entertaining.
Content worth our attention.

2: Authentic

Created by people with real expertise and a sincere purpose.

3: Native

Presented in formats and on channels that we prefer for consuming content. Unobtrusive and mindful of providing a good experience.

4: Engaging

With inspiring visuals and captivating writing. With the ability to express our reaction, and to participate in a conversation.

Trust is key

We see a big trend where the most innovative companies are learning that in order to sell, whether it’s a product, service, or their brand, they have to engage directly with their target audience.
People expect direct interactions with companies, learn from them, have engaging conversations with them, and most importantly trust them.

Wevolver & Companies

This changed the game for Wevolver. This community, with some of the smartest minds in the world, is eager to learn, and we’re facilitating these companies to have direct contact with them. Not just to sell; but to learn from, grow connections-, and work with.

To stay a truly exciting platform that brings incredible value on a daily basis to the community we opened up the platform to commercial entities
Companies generate incredible content every day in the form of case studies, white papers, product demonstrations, and blog posts. This content often disappears in the clutter that is the internet. 

Wevolver provides companies with a platform, and enables them to share their knowledge with our audience of highly educated engineers and innovators.

Companies can now submit articles and project descriptions

The results

This year we’ve been running campaigns for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Companies like KUKA, a manufacturer of industrial robots with a $3.5 billion turnover, or Nexperia,  a global semiconductor manufacturer, employing over 11.000 people. We’re also working with startup companies like Sillicon Valley based polySpectra to share their knowledge about material science and 3D printing.

Kuka is headquartered in Germany and employs more than 13,000 workers

Al these companies are bringing tremendous value to the platform. They are sharing inside information that we can only learn from them, and the revenue they bring to Wevolver enables us to hire talented people directly from the Wevolver community to research and write sponsored topical articles.

In the meantime, we’re keeping a close feedback loop with members of the community and study their responses meticulously.
The results have been overwhelmingly positive. The articles created with the community and the companies are extremely informative, and the interactions with the content of high quality, reaching millions of people.

Conversations based on this sponsored article where we asked the question: “Which vehicle powertrain will be the most dominant in the near future?

What will Wevolver offer to companies?

The main reason companies want to work with Wevolver is because we create brand awareness and establish thought leadership.
Therefor, engineers in the community are aware of their products and services during the engineering and designing of new technologies.
Another big reason is to perform employer branding. Because of the community’s unique demographics, it is very interesting to have visibility for a brand to attract potential talent.

A sponsored article by KUKA which had over 100.000 impressions

What’s next

So far we’ve been sharing sponsored articles together with companies, and new exciting products are on the way.
This Month, we’ll launch our “2020 Autonomous Vehicle Guide“; an elaborate report that describes the key technologies that enable autonomous driving. The guide explains the need for each specific technology, their functioning, and key developments in the field.

Furthermore, a new Podcast series, next to our currrent one is on its way. The new Podcast is a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where we’ll be talking to the brightest minds on their campus.

Get your company involved

Currently, we’re establishing more relationships with innovative companies, and together developing a powerful platform that enables them to build strong relationships with some of the most innovative people in the industry.

We’re working very hands on with them to explore new concepts, and are creating new ways to bring value to the community and position the companies in a way that inspires potential new clients to work with them.

If you believe your company should be involved marketing program, get in touch.
If you work for a company and believe they could make an impact by working with us, forward this to the person in your company that’s responsible for marketing.

Through various ways like articles, technology reports, podcasts, and more, your company will be able to sponsor content and connect with the Wevolver community.

Get in contact with us and learn more about the paid sponsor program. Leave your details below and we’ll reach out.

We look forward hearing from you.

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