Hardware collaboration platform launched to empower engineering teams and open source communities.

Wevolver launches fully open source file sharing and version management solution spinoff, collaborates with healthcare consortium Careables and Mozilla IoT division.

The past decade, the way engineering teams develop hardware technology has radically changed. Development has become fast and iterative.

Yet, the hardware development industry has been plagued by a lack of innovation and modernization. Software tools are overly complex or outdated, which makes them accessible to mainly larger companies who have the resources to setup and manage them. To support new smaller and fast-paced engineering teams, we created Welder.app

Welder is a file sharing and version management solution, empowering both private teams and open communities. It’s hardware tailored version control system with file sharing enables teams to innovate faster, and make less mistakes.

Welder.app spun out of Wevolver, which started in 2014 with the mission of ‘enabling anyone, anywhere to develop better hardware.’ Initially the Wevolver team focused on supporting the upcoming open source hardware movement with a platform to share and collaborate on projects. The platform that Wevolver created was acknowledged with several awards, including the SXSW Innovation Award and the Accenture Innovation Award, and was listed by Fast Company in the Top 20 Most Innovative Web Platforms among giants like Facebook, Slack, and IBM Watson.

Over time Wevolver became more and more used as a knowledge base instead of a repository & collaboration environment. To ensure Wevolver could still fulfill the needs of both the open source hardware community, Wevolver spun off the platform and launched it as Welder.

Open source platform

Welder is an open source project. This means anyone can inspect the software and submit improvements. Secondly, anyone can deploy their version of the software, and develop their functionality independent of Welder (for example, if someone wants to create and host a platform for different types of projects or a different purpose).

Empowering impactful communities

Careables community

One of the first users of Welder is the open source healthcare platform Careables.org, which facilitates co-design of open healthcare for people with physical limitations.

100+ projects shared on Welder so far.

The platform links existing local communities of citizens with disabilities, their families, healthcare professionals, and makers. It establishes collaboration between these separate communities to develop their own open-source and licensed interventions. Over a hundred Careables projects so far have been shared on Welder by the Careables community.

Mozilla X Wevolver

Later this year, Mozilla will also start using Welder to enable technologists, designers, and researchers to share connected products that are more open, secure, and trustworthy, a project made possible through €1.5m in funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

To learn more about Welder, or to start using it’s powerful technology, click here


Welder would not have been made possible without the help from the following people and organisations; Andrew Lamb and the Shuttleworth foundation, SIDN, and Made4you.