How to perform marketing to reach engineers?

Marketing to engineers
This article will enable marketers who want to reach engineers to create better content, and reach more people

At Wevolver we provide millions of engineers every Month with informative content, shared by our own team of writers, companies, universities, and individual researchers.

Our job at Wevolver is to make sure that the content shared on the Wevolver platform not only resonates with engineers, but also reaches them.

Working with both technology companies who publish on our platform, as well as making sure we keep our almost 600.000 followers on social media happy, has given us a unique opportunity to understand what engineers want to see, and how to reach them.

Over the last few weeks we have been organising all our notes and bookmarks and started to work on a resource page that will help marketers to:

A: create more and better informative content
B: provide the tools to also distribute that content

The page is a work in progres. So far we’ve been able to write down the ways I’ve seen teams create informative content that resonates with engineers, and my thoughts on how to leverage platforms and social media for distribution.

Acces the resources page here.