Wevolver collaborates with Syntiant on new Fireside Chat series

Wevolver is partnering with Syntiant to create a series of conversations that explore the work of innovators and the future of pervasive AI.

Syntiant is developing ultra-low-power AI processors that make it possible to run deep learning algorithms in battery-powered devices, from earbuds to laptops.

Because they believe in the importance of innovation, Syntiant is engaging in a series of fireside chats with engineers and designers who are on the cutting edge of their field.

Syntiant CEO Kurt Busch is speaking with Anouk Wipprecht, a fashiontech designer who is pioneering the use of technology and new manufacturing techniques.

Anouk often incorporates electronics, sensors, and robotics to create genre defeating fashion and wearables, and I think the developments in AI are very relevant to her work.

In the next episode, well be talking with Gustav Hoegen who is known for his spectacular animatronic designs for films such as Prometheus, Clash of the Titans, The Nutcracker 3D, Inkheart, Doctor Who, Isolation, The Brothers Grimm and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among others.