New 3D printing challenge with Mitsubishi’s KyronMAX team

Winners will work closely with Mitsubishi's KyronMAX team

Wevolver, in partnership with materials company Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, launched a High-Temperature CFR Filament 3D Printing Challenge. The challenge winner will receive $25,000 worth of manufacturing services and support to realize their idea into a physical prototype using newly developed cutting-edge KyronMAX materials.

The challenge invites designers, engineers, and makers from around the world to submit a design that makes use of a newly developed, cutting-edge CFR filament (carbon-fiber-reinforced) material. The jury will reward projects that exemplify the benefits of the use of the material and 3D printing technology while maintaining a high level of feasibility and ingenuity.

The winner of the challenge will receive $25,000 worth of manufacturing support to realize their idea as a fully developed prototype using newly developed cutting-edge recyclable CFR filament products. Winners will work closely with the KyronMAX team to develop their submission and make it ready for production. The winning package includes support with material selection, part design, setup of production scale-up plan, and assessment of the project’s sustainability and recycling potential in order to minimize waste.

In addition, KyronMAX and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials will facilitate investment opportunities and assist with potential future co-branding activities. Challengers who submit before 17 October 2021, will be invited to a private video call with KyronMAX engineers, who will review the entry and provide personal feedback and direction. Designs can then be adjusted and re-entered.

KyronMAX is a family of high-strength thermoplastic composite compounds produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM). MCAM has utilized their expertise and knowledge of polymers and carbon fiber to develop their KyronMAX line which allows them to support customer optimization of part designs to allow the maximization of part strength and speed of production. The latest material in the KyronMAX line has been specifically developed for use in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing. With the addition of this product, MCAM aims to demonstrate the advantages of directly 3D printing carbon fiber composite parts while still benefiting from the proven properties of the high-strength KyronMAX materials. The new material is in the late stages of development, with its launch expected later this year.

Winners of the High-Temperature Carbon-Fiber 3D Printing Challenge will be among the first in the world to use this cutting-edge material. Direct 3D printing offers several advantages compared to conventional manufacturing methods as lower cost, design freedom, and production agility.

Fiber-reinforced composites are a rapidly emerging material group within the 3D printing industry. The interest in these materials is largely driven by the cost and performance benefits that fiber reinforcement offers. These benefits are achieved by enhancing the properties of thermoplastics to the point where they are suitable to replace more costly metals. KyronMAX, for instance, offers up to 50% weight reduction compared to aluminum while still achieving comparable or superior physical properties, including high mechanical strength and toughness, low friction, and good chemical resistance.