Wevolver mentioned by in latest “Who’s Who” in #AI in the category “Publications & Resources”

By 2026, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will drive the greatest technological breakthroughs in the industries of automotive, banking, computing, energy and healthcare.

We’re super excited to be mentioned by Onalytica in their latest “Who’s Who” in #AI report in the category “Publications & Resources”

What’s Covered in the AI Report?

In this report we have a look at a range of influencers and personas, answering the key questions below:

  • Which Brand Employees are driving impact online?
  • Which Professional Influencers are creating inspiring industry content in this space?
  • Who are the key Social Amplifiers on the topic?
  • Which Key Opinion Leaders are creating great content on the topic?
  • Who are the Event Speakers within AI?
  • Who are the Content Creators within the space?
  • Which Journalists & Contributors are contributing to the conversation?
  • Who are the Analysts within AI?
  • Which AI Academics & Researchers are contributing to the topic?
  • Who are the Machine Learning influencers?
  • Who is sharing content on Deep Learning?
  • Which Brands are creating thought leadership content on AI?
  • Which Publications & Resources are sharing content within this space?

Other resources in the list are MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Tech Republic, and ZD Net. 

Congrats to all of the people involved and the AI community!

You can access the full report here.