Wevolver enables enginers to discover and learn about engineering technologies in order to innovate.


At Wevolver we want to empower people and stimulate innovation by enabling engineers, anywhere to develop perfect hardware technology.

We believe there is a societal need for innovation as well as that there is an intrinsic human drive to create. When hardware developers are able to develop new technologies; individuals, communities, and organizations of all kind are empowered to learn, solve challenges, and start new ventures.
These increased opportunities generate innovation, and increase social welfare.

Recent developments have greatly increased the possibility to develop high quality new technology:

  • Digital manufacturing, enables rapid, low cost prototyping and small-batch production.
  • Electronic components have been commoditized because of dropping prices and growing accessibility of the global supply chain; increasing the scope and quality of technologies that can be developed.
  • New funding opportunities arose through channels like crowdfunding, and free tools for design and engineering are widely available.
  • Learnings from successful software development processes have resulted in an increasingly iterative, decentralized, collaborative and open approach to hardware development.

This new reality offers great opportunities to empower people and create innovative technology. Read more about our mission, and our approach to achieving it in our Wevolver Handbook.

The Wevolver team is formed by driven people from various backgrounds, including design, software, and engineering. We are inspired by the incredible people and projects that we come across every day, and all share a common passion for hardware development.

Wevolver was founded by Richard Hulskes and Bram Geenen. They met each other in 2008 and have been working together ever since. Richard previously co-founded 3D-printing company, Ground3d, in 2011. Bram’s background is in industrial design where he ran a successful design studio focused on creating 3D-printed furniture.

Our team is located in the creative center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.