How to Contribute to Wevolver

What to write about, guidelines, and the publication process.

Wevolver aims to empower engineers with the knowledge they need to innovate.
Therefore, content shared on Wevolver should enable engineers to stay up to date, ideate, and design & engineer better.

This content comes from field experts who are Wevolver readers like you. Anyone can submit content. Our editor team reviews each submission to match Wevolver’s aims of quality & truthfulness, and ensure the content fits our topics. Contributing to Wevolver gives writers like you access to a global audience and the help of a team of professional editors.

Content has, and will be shared under, a non-exclusive license that grants Wevolver the rights to edit and distribute your work, while the copyright ownership remains with you, the contributing writer.

In short submissions need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • the content contains technical expertise or a rare perspective
  • you only submit content that you own the rights to
  • you need to disclose any vested interest


  1. You submit
  2. Wevolver’s editors review
  3. Editors message you;
    a. the content is approved and scheduled for publishing,
    b. or there are adjustments recommended before the content can be published.

Usually you will receive a message within 1-3 days. Once approved we aim to publish your work as soon as possible.

At any time you can contact us with questions or feedback.

What to Write About

Wevolver focuses on all topics related to robotics engineering, and our goal is to provide engineers the knowledge they need to innovate.

All subjects that are relevant during the ideation, engineering, and design phases of product development are welcome. This could include content about specific designs or technologies, the product development process, as well as higher level technology and industry developments that are important to know.

You can totally write in your own personal style. We also recommend writing what you know; write on topics that you have significant knowledge about. Wevolver’s community values factual information and knowledge based, well-argued points of view. Including references to the sources of your information is important, as it underlines the credibility of
your article, as well as it provides readers details for further reading.

Good questions to ask yourself when writing:
“Does this help readers innovate or solve
engineering challenges?”
“Does this help the reader become a better

What NOT to Write
In short; any content that is purely promotional and/or that doesn’t provide any deeper knowledge. Also, any incomplete content that is only a lead to external content does not work on Wevolver.

What Kind of Content / Format to Write?
Both long-form and short-form content are welcome, as long as articles are at least 300 words long. Furthermore, content doesn’t have to be restrained to be primarily text. You can submit videos, podcasts, infographics etc. as well. When you submit these kind of purely visual or audio content you must ensure it’s accompanied by a solid textual description and summary that ensures the reader understand what the content is about and can make an informed decision if to view / listen to the content.

Lastly, make sure you follow the guidelines below.


Before you submit your article for consideration, please make
sure that your content conforms to the following guidelines.

  • Account Basics
    You must have a Wevolver account that displays your real
    name, and your profile picture must be an actual picture of
    you. This contributes to Wevolver’s culture of transparency.
  • Your Submission: What Works
    – Original content written by you.
    – Content written by you but published elsewhere (such as a personal or company blog) is okay as long as you have permission to republish it.
    – You can submit articles on the behalf of others IF you have permission to do so. In this case the original author must have their own Wevolver account (with real name and profile picture), and the original author must be listed as the author in of your post.
    – We do not permit plagiarized content.
    – Content must be relevant, interesting, informative, and related to our current focus on robotics.
    – Articles should be at least 300 words long.
    – Articles must be written in English and have correct grammar and spelling.

On Plagiarism:
Plagiarism is “the action or practice of taking someone else’s work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one’s own.” This includes copying text from others and inserting them into your own work, as well as rewording text from another source. Anything that is not an original piece of your own writing but is pretending to be so, or has incorrect attributions is an act of plagiarism.
To avoid plagiarism, you need to clearly attribute when you make use of other’s work and inform the reader of where you found your information.
Why Attribution Matters: At Wevolver we want to respect people’s work and intellectual property rights, as well as ensure authors receive the credits for their work.

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