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Wevolver’s mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to develop hardware. We do this by on the one hand providing a platform that enables decentralized collaboration on both public and private hardware projects, and on the other hand by giving you all the resources needed to get inspired, informed and educated on hardware development.
To do this we’re using different channels that you can tap into.
Below, you’ll find a summary of the main channels we use and an explanation on their purpose.


On our Facebook page, you’ll find al the latest news and research that’s happening in the field of hardware development right now. You will find advanced technological discoveries which have yet to be implemented in the real world, but also the latest releases of hardware products and startups. On our Facebook page, you can interact with engineers, researchers, and people active in hardware startups, which make up for the largest part of our followers.
You can check out the Facebook page right here.


By far our largest channel is the Instagram account where hundreds-of-thousands tech enthusiasts interact with a daily mix of inspirational technology and news.
The goal of the channel is to inspire and inform you about interesting technological developments and research projects and provide you with daily top level news about hardware, and hardware related issues like virtual reality, AI and autonomous driving.
You can check out the Instagram channel right here.


On our Twitter feed, you’ll find the latest news regarding hardware development and hardware research done by universities or for example MIT. It’s a platform to ask questions and interact with members of the community.
You can check out our Twitter channel right here.


Our Youtube channel is used as a vast resource where you can find all the video content that we discuss and share on our other channels. It’s a place where you can dive into topics like robotics, cleantech or research and learn anything you need to know regarding the topic of your interest. You’ll find all the relevant technologies categorized which gives you the opportunity to get inspired and educated about your field of interest.
You can check out our Youtube channel right here.


In our newsletter, you’ll find a weekly round-up from all our channels exposing you to all the latest global hardware developments and news outing done that week. It’s a way for you to get weekly briefed and stay up to date on what’s happening in the field of hardware development.
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